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UNICUM jet-sets to Brazil!

Russian vending manufacturer Unicum will participate in the international trade exhibition EXPOVENDING & OCS Latin America 2015 in São Paulo in September 9-10. This marks UNICUM debut at the largest industry event in Latin America.


Unicum at Vending Paris 2015

Unicum attracted visitors of the Vending Paris 2015 international exhibition not only with its impressive stand design, but with its technological breakthroughs: Move as the new generation of vending machines, Nero as the latest modification in table top machines, a unique mobile phone application and new street vending series, to name a few.


24U App Launch

24U App is a unique mobile application developed by the leading vending manufacturer Unicum in partnership with the British company 24vend. It will officially be introduced for the Russian market at the IX international trade fair VendExpo in Moscow, March 11-13, 2015.


Focus on international vending market


In January 2015, Unicum has set up the Division of International Sales of vending machines. It focuses on small and medium size independent operators with a goal to expand company sales geography throughout the global vending market.


More than just coffee machines

Table Top hot drink vending machines in Russia isn’t fastest-growing segment. This is largely due to the perception of this type of equipment. What are the advantages of table top coffee machines and where they can be used effectively?


Drinkmaster's Sealcup

Unicum is expanding a product line of ingredients. Sealcup, produced by British company Drinkmaster, is the number one for sealed, in-cup hot drinks

If consumer choice is limited, the entrepreneur loses a significant value of sales. American researchers have shown: a broad range of products increases the flow of customers at the point of sale and also has a positive impact on conversion rate. Consumers make more purchases, and this increases company’s revenue.


Top-10 perspective vending ideas

How make your vending machine profitable?

Successful company can’t work without understanding consumer market behavior. Without this understanding it makes gaining more customers difficult. Today Unicum starts a new information project, which will allow vending companies to stay abreast of consumer sentiment and to make right business decisions in time. It is always the most current researches of the consumer market, the latest analysis and interesting ideas for the development of vending business. Choose the tag "Unicum secrets of success" and join the world of modern and contemporary vending.


PIR exhibition 2014

UNICUM company represented their new vending projects at the 17th International exhibition PIR Expo, which took place on the 23rd till 26th of September in Moscow at the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo. 


EVA Vending Business Days

In September 2014, the National Vending Association of Russia (RNVA) hosted a meeting of the Executive Committee of EVA (European Vending Association), heads of European National Vending Associations and representatives of Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA) in St Petersburg.


UNICUM on VendItalia 2014

UNICUM the only participant of the international exhibition VendItalia from Russia

Unicum displayed the whole range of products as well as the latest application for mobile phones on its stand. It became a member of EVMMA and announced that the company had signed a contract of development and delivery of machines MOVE with the company Selecta. It all has caused a lot of interest in the company.

Milan, Italy, 7-10 May, 2014


UNICUM lounches new website

UNICUM, the east-european leader in vending equipment and technology, has completely re-imagined its website to take full advantage of the latest capabilities in graphics, navigation, and design.


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