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UNICUM representing iqOffice - innovative solution for retail banking automation, optimising your business processes and increasing your profit.

iqOffice allows to reduce costs for your retail network development. iqOffice allows to increase quality and affordability of services of the whole network. iqOffice gives an opportunity to provide standard range of services regardless of region or location of the office. Money transfers, payments, express loans, cash withdrawal - all this operations can be fulfilled by this multi-functional terminal.


banking retail operations, micro loans, payments for multiple prepayed services, cards distribution


2-mm. thick metal cabinet with rich color options.


ASUS motherboard, 4 Gb DDR III, UPS 500V, 17’’ TFT touchscreen, billacceptor (JCM or CashCode) in separate safe, cheque printer (Custom VKP), GPRS-modem


A4 Printer, coinacceptor, telephone set, card reader - barcode reader - signature pad, webcam, USB, Wi-Fi adaptor, metal PIN-pad, plastic card printer. Contact us to discuss optional features.

  • Ergonomic set-up providing comfortable and quick
  • Separate access area for cash and hardware with individual lock
  • Wide range of additional devices and options
  • Modern design, suitable for all interiors
  • High quality of assembly and components
  • Height x Width x Depth:1570 x 805 x 700 mm
  • with second screen: 2110 x 805 x 700
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Power consumption: 500W
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