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Unicum has released a next-generation snack and food machine, the FoodBox Touch with 10” touchscreen. FoodBox Touch is equipped with new retail tools designed to revitalize vending by attracting and engaging consumers. The touchscreen enables many of the other features, including the digital shopping cart, multiple-product purchases in a single transaction, the ability to view nutrition information, and eye-catching advertising and promotion display.
FoudBox Touch features a built-in card reader and customizable graphics, both of which can help operators differentiate their offerings to win new business. FoodBox Touch machines feature durable capacitive touchscreen technology and high-impact glass that protects the touchscreen from damage in everyday use or vandalism attempts. Its scratch-resistant polycarbonate surface protects user interface graphics from peeling, tearing or vandalism. Making use of advanced remote monitoring tools ensures optimal retail and operational results.
The built-in credit card reader and innovative 24U app for iPhone and Android phones have demonstrated the ability to increase cashless usage by 100%, including more than 20% multi-vends. FoodBox Touch may be produced in standard version (up to 8 selections per shelve) and “long” version (up to 12 selections per shelve).


    • Smart online telemetry system with full audit control – sales, statistics, products, errors etc.
    • Alarm system and special “anti-fishing” shutter prevents vandalism or burglary attempts.
    • Automatic expiry date control.
    • Re-programmable Mismatic lock and door with 3 locking points.
    • Infrared sensors to control delivery.
    • LED illumination of the glass front
    • Two cooling zones provide optimal temperature for all products.
    • Fast and easy modification of the width and depth of the selection and scaleable trays height.


    Dimensions (h x w x d) 1830 x 1100 x 800 mm (72’’ x 40’’ x 31,5’’)
    Weight 320 kg (725 lb)
    Power supply 220-230 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz (for US market)
    Power consumption (maximum) 700 W (8A)
    Number of trays up to 8
    Number of spirals up to 64
    Bottle tray 48
    Can tray 48
    Snack tray according to the spiral type
    Available spirals 26 mm (16 products) - 80 mm (5 products)
    Available dividers 93 mm (3, 66'') / 132 mm (5,2'')
    Available channel width 75 mm (3'') / 112,5 mm (4,5'') / 150 mm (6'')
    Tray height changing step 20 mm (0,8'')
    Refrigerating unit 1/5 HP
    lower trays (1-2) 0° - +4° C (+32° - +39° F)
    upper trays +7° - +14° C (+44° - +57° F)
    Refrigerant R 404a


You can set up your configuration of trays and cells that fits your requirements. FoodBox is very flexible. If required you can change standart configuration when ordering the machine or you can order additional spyrals and deviders and change the planogram by yourself.

Standard planogram:

Standard planogram


  • Coconea Iulian

    I am interested in purchasing a 10 snack vending machines and more in the future

    posted by Coconea Iulian Monday, 30 April 2018 19:27 Comment Link
  • Mahmoud Khatib


    I am interested in purchasing some snack & beverages vending machines for use in Saudi Arabia.
    Could you please send over some information regarding the different types of machines. Also I would like to arrange a visit so I can view the machines and discuss some issues.
    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards
    Mahmoud Khatib
    Mobile: 00447493585252

    posted by Mahmoud Khatib Thursday, 12 April 2018 18:30 Comment Link

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