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UONLINE –  is  real-time online telemetry system for vending machines. With UONLINE you can get data from your machines, analyze it and manage your machine remotely via GPRS (each machine carries a GPRS modem with the simcard of the local operator that you choose). UONLINE 24x7 monitors all parameters of your vending machine. You can check and change any parameter you like in any time.

UONLINE allows to trace current status of any of your vending machines online, optimize rootes, schedule service and installations (your operators will have up-to-date information - hoe much products or ingredients do they need, how much change do they need to load, and your service engineers will always know the cause of the machine malfunction before they leave the office so that to take needed spares with them). UONLINE - real-time online monitoring of all your vending operations: easy, smart, efficient, reliable.

    • Real time online monitoring (machine is always online, not sessions). The event will be recorded on the server within 5 seconds (average).
    • Access via web-interface (you can have access to your online monitoring homepage from any device connected to internet).
    • Doesn't require additional software installation.
    • Audit data is assigned to the moment of money collection  -  you will always know exact amount of cash the operator should bring.
    • Audit data of money collections is calculated in two independent ways (you can restore data in case of connection malfunction)
    • Events log for every machine.
    • Remote settings change for single or multiple machines.
    • Possibility to add or remove credit from the machine remotely.
    • Real-time vending machine and payment systems error monitoring.
    • Remote error reset.
    • Real-time products and ingredients status monitoring.
    • Cashless cards real-time monitoring.
    • E-mail or SMS alerts.
    • Full machine audit data assigned to collections
    • External databases data exchange (open protocol).
    • Gateway for credit management from external servers (open protocol).
    • Bi-directional communication (from vending machine to server and from server to vending machine).
    • Low GPRS traffic costs (approx. $ 0,1 per machine per month)


  • Схема

    1. The machine sends data t o Internet via built-in GPRS modem.
    2. Central server retrievs data from Internet and saves it to the database.
    3. Operator makes query to the central server via Internet browser.
    4. Central server maintains data from database according to the query.
    5. Operator sends data to the central server via an Internet browser.
    6. Central server saves the data to the database and transfers it via the Internet to the machine.
    7. Built-in GPRS modem gets data from the Internet and gives commands to the machine control board.





    Through the use of online technology and business optimisation, introduction of new Loyalty and Bonus Programs for your clients. You can monitor bonus card sales, award your clients with credits or discounts online,trace their habbits and behavior.



    Route optimization, pre-sales planning and scheduling directly translates to a reduction in expenses and more ecient manpower for your organization.


    Processing and reporting of all Credit or Debit cards payments. The system provides reporting of credit and cash transactions, user configuration, reporting by machine and region, by date range and transaction type,
    data reports for operations and finance, graphical reporting for sales and to customers.



    Система оповещений в режиме реального времени дает вашим техническим специалистам свести к минимуму время простоя автомата, в кратчайшие сроки отреагировать на поломку и эффективно спланировать рабочее время. Автоматическая система распределения задач позволяет сократить время простоя автомата на 30-50%. За счет возможности удаленного сброса некритических ошибок вы можете вернуть автомат к работе даже не выезжая на место.

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