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NERO INSTANT is a brand new compact and stylish table top instant beverage machine which produces number of drinks from soluble ingredients (instant coffee, chocolate, milk, tea, instant coffee), all freshly made within a matter of seconds. It fits perfectly in hotel or cafe interiors with limited space. NERO table top machines perform as impressively as they look. Consistent drink quality is paramount with the last drink tasting as good as the first.

Impressive design, constantly stable quality of all drinks, user-friendly interface, reliability and easy service are specia; features of this table-top machine. Nero prepares one drink in 6-9 seconds - it is the best choice for high traffic locations. 10 illuminated buttons are shining on the black mirror surface of NERO - making it fashionable and vivid - suitable both for high-class office, small caffee or restaurant.







NERO may operate in three modes:

  • Free vend
  • Cashless mode (with cashless cards reader installed)
  • Online drinks consumption count

    • Due to gigh speed of mixers rotation drinks have ideal "espresso-like" crema
    • Spacious boiler secures stable temperature of drinks.
    • Illuminated dispensing area is colour controlled (red - drink is being prepared, blue - drink is ready).
    • 10 back-lit sensor selection buttons
    • Removable tray for easy clean-up.
    • Easy to refill coffee beans and soluble ingredients.
    • Large graphical display
    • Two handles for easy transportation
    • Cups warmer on top of the machine (optional)

    • Pre-galvanised 2 mm. thick steel cabinet
    • Front solyd tempered glass pannel
    • USB-direct setup and audits
    • High contrast graphic display (128 x 64 px.)
    • Compatible with MDB, EXE, Parallel, EVA-DTS protocol
    • CE and VDE approved.

    Dimensions (h x w x d) 750 x 380 x 476 mm (with base - 1500 x 380 x 476 mm) (29,5x15x18,5’’ (58x15x18,5’’ with base))
    Weight 50 kg. (with base 70 kg) (116 lb (169 lb with base))
    Power supply 220-230 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz (for US market)
    Power consumption (maximum) 1800 W (18 A)
    Water connection 3/4’’ 0,5 - 8,5 bar
    Water supply independent or central
    Instant product container 4
    Number of selections 10
    Mixers 3
    Canister capacity  
    Instant coffee 1 kg (2,2 lb)
    Milk 1,5 kg (0,75 kg granules) (4,5 lb (2,2 lb granule))
    Chocolate 1,5 kg (4,5 lb)
    Tea or Cappuccino vanilla 1 kg (2 kg)

Technical documentation and software

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