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Vending machines that add cashless systems drive incremental sales. UNICUM utilises the newest cashless technologies in its range of vending machines and systems.
Today, consumers increasingly expect to use more payment options in retail environments. With UNICUM your clients may choose from several payment options including cash, credit cards, debit cards, MIFARE cards or NFC.

We have a wide range of cashless solution for your business - already integrated and working in our next-gen vending machines.
UNICUM cashless card system can be used to pay for food and drinks in the workplace. Utilising the proven MIFARE smart card as our chosen technology, our cashless vending solution delivers a powerful range of benefits for both users and system operators. You can also organise special bonus or loyalty programs such as prize draws and bonus points for your clients.

UNICUM vending machines now include payments using VISA & Master Card. This can be linked either linked by hardware or GSM mobile for public site machines where higher priced vends can be achieved. UNICUM vending machines accept both EMV and NFC cards.

Bying goods in vending machines by a text message? Now this service is available for UNICUM vending machines. The client just needs to send a text message to the short number (the number of the vending machine and the sum of a payment). The vending machine will show the credit on the monitor.

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