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PT 2.4

Estimated weight of the PT-2.4 parcel machine with Type-4S column 230kg
Locker size HxWxD, mm S — 112х457(472*)х427
S/2 — 112х212(221*)х427
M — 212х457(472*)х427
Note! M* locker is 20mm higher than
232х212 (221*) х427
M/2 — 212х212(221*)х427
Note! М/2* locker is 20mm higher than 232х212
(221*) х427
L — 322х 457(472*)х427
* from wall to wall excluding screw heads (locks and column connections)
Body Black steel. 1mm thick
Doors Black steel. 1.5mm thick



Estimated weight of the PT-2.4 parcel machine with Type-4S column230kg


Automated Parcel Terminals

Automated Parcel Terminals

Automated Parcel Terminals (Automatick Lockers) are an actively developing trend in modern «last mile» delivery

Why it’s convenient for clients

Why it’s profitable for business

Buyers like the convenience and how quick they can pick up an order from a parcel terminal
  • The client can pick up his delivery any time at any convenient place, for example, on the way to work, home or near the supermarket
  • Parcel terminals don’t have «weekends» or lunch breaks.
  • Receive your parcel through a parcel terminal in less than 30 seconds
  • You do not need to communicate with the staff to pick up your order, this factor is crucial for many people
  • Receiving an order through a parcel terminal is as safe as possible
  • The cost of delivery of one parcel through a parcel terminal is much lower than by courier
  • While 1 courier delivers 1-2 parcels «home», the other will deliver 40 parcels to the parcel terminal
  • Higher revenue It is convenient for customers to receive their order through a parcel terminal, and they are willing to buy more often
  • Increase in customer base
  • Your business is not limited by courier performance

Advantages of Unicum parcel terminals


We make high-quality and safe parcel terminals


We have produced 12,000+ parcelterminals in 2.5 years for clients in Russia and the CIS

Thanks to the large production volumes we offer our clients favorable prices for our products

It takes 30 days to place an order and receive a ready-made solution. Due to modern production and our own design developments

 Our software allows you to quickly deploy a large distributed network of parcel terminals

We support a simultaneous operation of 10,000+ parcel terminals and 300,000+ lockers 

We combine the functionality of parcel terminals and lockers

Back office connection to access on any device 
 We lease part of the lockers to other companies Mobile app for couriers and customers Offline mode in case of emergency shutdown or unstable data connection

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