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Заказать кофемашину
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You can adjust FODDBOX LIFT for selling drinks (with unified temperature from 0o to 40 C. on all trays or you can split it in two parts for drinks and snacks with separate temperature zones. FODDBOX LIFT may be also used for fragile non-food products (such as mobile phones and electronic devices, contact lenz and glaces, perfumery or jewelry.







    • Smart online telemetry system with full audit control – sales, statistics, products, errors etc.
    • Alarm system and special “anti-fishing” shutter prevents vandalism or burglary attempts.
    • Automatic expiry date control.
    • Re-programmable Mismatic lock and door with 3 locking points.
    • Infrared sensors to control delivery.
    • Two cooling zones provide optimal temperature for all products.
    • Fast and easy modification of the width and depth of the selection and scaleable trays height.
    • Accurate lift step setup for secure vending.
    • Delivery of the product in 6-9 seconds

    • USB-direct setup and audits
    • 6 trays (up to 8 optional).
    • up to 8 selections on each tray with adjustable width.
    • 5 to 16 products per selection.
    • Two temperature zones (lower from 0° to 4° C. / 32° to 39° F, upper from 10° to 12° C. / 44° to 57° F.)
    • 2 cm (0,8’’) tray height steps.
    • Strong cabinet made of thick high quality steel.
    • Optional 9’’ LCD display.
    • Programmable Mismatic keys.
    • Compatible with MDB, EXE, Parallel, EVA-DTS protocols

    Dimensions (h x w x d) 1830 x 1100 x 800 мм (72’’ x 40’’ x 31,5’’)
    Weight 320 kg (725 lb)
    Power supply 220-230 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz (for US market)
    Power consumption (maximum) 700 W (8A)
    Number of trays up to 8
    Number of spirals до 64
    Bottle tray 48
    Can tray 48
    Snack tray according to the spiral type
    Available spirals 26 mm (16 products) - 80 mm (5 products)
    Available dividers 93 mm (3, 66'') / 132 mm (5,2'')
    Available channel width 75 mm (3'') / 112,5 mm (4,5'') / 150 mm (6'')
    Tray height changing step 20 mm (0,8'')
    Refrigerating unit 1/5 HP
    lower trays (1-2) 0° - +4° C (+32° - +39° F)
    upper trays +7° - +14° C (+44° - +57° F)
    Refrigerant R 404a



Choose your individual FoodBox LIFT style that perfectly fits your interior

FoodBox BIO
FoodBox Lift CLASSIC FoodBox Lift BLACK FoodBox Lift BIO

Техническая документация и ПО FoodBox Lift

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