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A new UNICUM manufacturing site


A new UNICUM manufacturing site, located in the town Kolpino, is going to be ready for the assembly line trials by midsummer.

Due to the growing demand for UNICUM’s products on Russian and international markets a decision has been made to launch another manufacturing site in Kolpino, the Leningrad/St Petersbourg Region. The project takes into account the requirements which will help to optimize the manufacturing process. The existing UNICUM factory located on Vasilevsky Island, St. Petresburg, continues working in the same regime. So this summer will increase its manufacturing capacity in order to timely meet the demand.

This spring saw the completion of dismantling works as well as the completion of a self-leveling floor on the first floor of the building where metalwork equipment is going to be installed. Polymer floor on the second floor has also been prepared for the assembly line and a painting line. 

At the moment a crane runway is being installed in the assembly line area, lifts and stairs are also being built in Kolpino. Trucks from Denmark have brought equipment for the painting line and it is being installed now. At the same time general civil works continue: changing rooms for men and women as well as restrooms are being equipped now. We are expecting the delivery of the assembly line, cranes and the first order of metalwork equipment. A warehouse is also going to be constructed there.

“Our top priorities for July are the completion of general civil works, installation of metalwork equipment, a painting line and an assembly line,” says Alexandr Sirotenko. “The start of the assembly line is due by midsummer. At the end of August we are planning the first shipment of vending machines for Selecta from Kolpino production site. We pay a lot of attention to the basics of Lean manufacturing and the new site will be one of the fewest worldwide using multiple conveyor lines for assemble and pre-assemble processes”.

According to the seniors of UNICUM, when the second site starts working at full capacity the company will increase the production output twofold.

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