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UNICUM on VendItalia 2014


UNICUM the only participant of the international exhibition VendItalia from Russia

Unicum displayed the whole range of products as well as the latest application for mobile phones on its stand. It became a member of EVMMA and announced that the company had signed a contract of development and delivery of machines MOVE with the company Selecta. It all has caused a lot of interest in the company.

Milan, Italy, 7-10 May, 2014


Russian company Unicum made a presentation of the whole range of its quipment and of the latest patened application for Iphone and Android at the international exhibition VendItalia. The application allows you to buy goods from a vending machine directly via you phone. In fact, the application, designed in collaboration with Unicum's European partner, makes it possible to transfer user interface of the machine onto the display of your phone. The application enables you to see the planogram of the vending machine, gives access to more detailed information about the goods and, of course, makes it possible to buy any good from the vending machine with a single touch of your phone's display.  The sum of the purchase is charged off your app's account (which can be recharged via your credit card), your phone's account or in any other way that is convenient for you. Being unique in the world, this technology has caused a lot of iterest on the part of the leading European operators.

Unicum and Selecta have announced their partnership

Just before the exhibition there was published an official press release concerning the cooperation between the two companies. Both sides also decided to display photos of the new machine MOVE on the stand of Unicum. The photos demostrate such innovative features of the machines as vandalism-proof, public (“street”) operation, Touch screen, robotic lift X-Y-Z giving you change and the product as well as an automatic receptacle at an ergonomic height. Besides, the machine has the system of online monitoring Unicum which enables customers to make payments via their credit cards or SMS.

“Although the vending machine MOVE can be operated in Europe only by Selecta it is bound to become a great success in such countries as the USA, Russia and Japan,” comments Vladimir Lopatin, Chief Technology Officer of Unicum. “Exclusive technologies and the ability to make projects in a very short time (the project was done in only 9 months) have caused a wave of interest in our products on the part of all leading operators and manufacturers.

Unicum is a member of EVMMA

On May, 6 Unicum became a member of the European Vending Machine Manufacturer Association. Members of the Association showed great interest in the report about Unicum, especially in the part devoted the construction of a new factory in village Kolpino near St Petersburg. Unicum's representatives made a presentation of the principles of lean manufacturing, the effective assembly line, which helps to double the procution volume, and implementation of experience of Toyota and Ford. It was also announced that an expert of international level from the USA would become the Chief Operating Officer in Kolpino in the second half of 2014.

“Becoming member of the EVMMA is a logical step for us,” says Vladimir Lopatin. “It will strengthen our position on the European market. Unicum's membership of the European Vending Machine Manufacturer Association and the contract of development and delivery of vending machines MOVE by Selecta have not left anyone cold.”

Finance Guard at the stand of Unicum

According to claims of one of the Italian manufactures, representatives of the Finance Guard (Guardia di finanza) appeared at the stand of Unicum. They claimed that Unicum had infringed the patent in the line FoodBox.
However, it is worth noting that Unicum pays special attention to innovative technologies and patenting its production. All goods have patent rights protection. FoodBox vending machine was made in 2007 and has been presented at leading exhibitions in Cologne and Paris as well as at an international exhibition in the USA since then. The claims have proved to be unfounded and will be contravened in courts of arbitration in Italy and Russia.


Unicum is the leader in production of equipment and technologies for vending in Russia. Today the company consists of several subdivisions which deal with development, production and distribution of equipment and technologies for vending. Investing into the development of highly-qualified team of developers and modern powerful production complex, the company is one of the most prominent members of not only Russian but also international vending market. The company's plant in St Petresburg certificated according to the ISO standards and equipped with the most modern equipment can produce more than 20 000 units of equipment a year. In 2014 the company is going to open a new production line which will help to double the volume of production, improve the production process and strengthen the company's positions on the domestic and international market.

For more information
Vladimir Lopatin
Chief Technology Officer
+7 903 0054915

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