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Focus on international vending market



In January 2015, Unicum has set up the Division of International Sales of vending machines. It focuses on small and medium size independent operators with a goal to expand company sales geography throughout the global vending market.

Unicum products have increasingly gained a competitive edge not only domestically but also in the international vending market due to our innovations and current economic situation at the factory,” says CEO Sergei Kornienko in regards to the establishment of the International Sales department. “Last year we have built up a new 14,000 sq meters production facility in Kolpino, St Petersburg enjoying the principles of Lean manufacturing. Today our conveyor lines assemble machines not only for Uvenco but also for the global leaders of European market. And now we would like to introduce another focus”.

Vladislav Leonov will co-lead the department in Russia. Having helped the MARS Company to enter Russian market, he has over twenty years’ experience within the industry. In recent years, Vladislav was actively championing new directions for the company: vending, ice cream and e-commerce.

Vladislav Leonov, project lead of export: “I am delighted to join a company known from the get-go for setting and achieving ambitious goals. The Unicum international vending machine sales team intends to expand the global geography of sales by offering quality vending machines at competitive prices to generate extra revenue, increase brand recognition and enhance brand reliability."

The key objectives of the Unicum International Sales department for the year 2015 are to create an efficient structure of engaged and motivated employees, to develop effective work and documentation processes, to secure contracts with and begin shipment of vending machines to new international partners.

Marc Flachon, the international sales manager: “Unicum is gaining international momentum. Step by step our international structure is taking shape. Our company will also present its products at international exhibitions, such as the next edition of VENDING PARIS on March 18-19, 2015”.


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