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Drinkmaster's Sealcup


Unicum is expanding a product line of ingredients. Sealcup, produced by British company Drinkmaster, is the number one for sealed, in-cup hot drinks

If consumer choice is limited, the entrepreneur loses a significant value of sales. American researchers have shown: a broad range of products increases the flow of customers at the point of sale and also has a positive impact on conversion rate. Consumers make more purchases, and this increases company’s revenue.

What will help to create an additional supply, for example, in the TableTop’s segment? Unicum found the answer to this question. Drinkmaster - it's a great choice of coffee, tea, chocolate, soups, packaged in a convenient eco-friendly cup. A well-designed product range includes high-quality products for all occasions. Popular brands of coffee, chocolate desserts, delicious soups for everyone who want quick and easy snack.

Drinkmaster is the best sealed, single portion in-cup drink:

   A wide range of your favorite brands. It is not necessary to wonder whether your customers will enjoy the new products, because the entire line is made up of well-known, popular high-quality brands of delicious food and drinks.

   Environmentally friendly products and care about the health of consumers. Cups are made of materials suitable for interaction with boiling-hot water. The Package is made of environmentally friendly raw materials, and design laid out in such a way that the cup is conveniently disposed with minimal impact on the environment

   Convenience. Everything down to the smallest detail has been thought out: pleasant to the touch cup, a long tongue sealed lid. Compact size gives opportunity you take a cup «to go».

Capacity. Despite its compact size cups are very big. 250 ml cup is a standard serving for coffee to go or a great portion of delicious soup that won’t leave you hungry.

We recommend Drinkmaster's Sealcup drinks on-board planes and trains, hotels, workplace, offices, outdoor activities. Enjoy a choice of hot drinks throughout the day. With Drinkpacs and Sealcup you can have the drink you want when you want it.

For additional information, please contact our sales managers.


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