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The popularity of smartphones and tablet computers is driving the demand and acceptance of touchscreens in many applications. Touchscreen on a vending machine allows a wealth of information to be presented to the user at every stage of the purchase process. Before buying it could discern the clients age and gender suggesting an appropriate product. If a product is selected it could display ingredients, fat, and calorie content.

Then, once purchased it could recommend complimentary food and drink you may want to consider as well before walking away. The same stages can be applied to gadget purchases or entertainment products such as movies or games. The combination of additional information and advertising will help to boost sales and overall revenue if they are placed in high traffic areas.

Touch screen advantages:

  • A touch screen is very intuitive
  • Easy to use( as the user simply touches what they see on the display).
  • Saves space as no additional buttons required.
  • Touching a visual display of choices is easy to learn.
  • Touch screens are the fastest pointing devices.
  • Touch screens require less hand eye coordination than buttons
  • Touch screens are durable for public sites and in high volume locations.
  • You can provide the client a walth of information about your products.
  • You are free to experiment with products, services and additional features of your vending machine.



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